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Defenders of the Realm - 5
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27th August 2005.
An attempt was made by a group of 15 characters to cast Pestilence III in the City of Mount Royal - they were thwarted by Mages of the Magic Cyrcle who had countered the attack, although some valient soldiers were killed in the attempt.  This group of 15 n'er-do-wells had teleported - probably via a Portal Scroll to a sector outside the city of Mount Royal and attempted to use various Power Scrolls to facilitate the use of the primary weapon - Pestilence III on the City.  The group then probably used a Portal Scroll to once more evade their capture.
After the recent rise of Famine and Drought in the Snake Eyes City of Athabaska, where we in the RDA were considered, by the Snake Eyes Alliance to be the cause of such a terrible tragedy, it had been anticipated that the Hissing Ones (Snake Eyes) might make an attack against Mount Royal to strike back in their mistaken beliefs.
Besides the RDA has been showing remarkable leniancy towards Snake Eyes in view of such charges - simply having them banned from Mount Royal - and we have even opened a Famine Relief Shop in Athabaska where we are channelling efforts to help the poor people of Athabaska.  A pity Snake Eyes can not use their undoubted skills and wealth to aid the populace, rather than inflict a similar outrage against the citizens of Mount Royal in their misguided beliefs as to the cause of the Famine and Drought in Athabaska.

HAUS TEPES to lose alliance status to RDA, but GITS regain friendship of RDA.  20th July 2005.
Sadly, friendship between the Magical alliance of Haus Tepes and the Royal Dragons Alliance is to be ended.  This decision was made by the RDA executive following the Haus Tepes snub of non-attendance to the recent Magical conference, and the unpleasant snide comments made by a member of the Haus Tepes heirarchy - one Felinous Iskari commenting that Vali Tarmar was not a proper leader. And also the Haus Tepes Alliance's own website forum making a mockery of the RDA. It seemed that Haus Tepes had everything to gain and the RDA nothing from the unfruitful alliance, and the snide comments of Felinous were not considered appropriate for the well-being of an alliance relationship.
It was at the asking of the Haus Tepes leadership that we downgraded our alliance to GITS with whom Haus Tepes were at war. Now this is being put into reverse, and once more the GITS are elevated to one of alliance. Hopefully they will find it in their hearts to forgive our mistake.

Snake Eyes and RDA are now at war! 20th August 2005.
Due to Snake Eyes members Mafia Inc and Lucky Streak scanning and stealing from RDA members, and in particular stealing from Syphilis Bearers - war has been declared! The RDA went to war against Cataclysm Alliance 4 years ago, and our stance on thievery from fellow adventuring groups has been known ever since. We had no choice but to go to war against Snake Eyes. To do otherwise would smack of hypocrisy - so we were left with no option.
18 members of Snake Eyes are known to us - though Snake Eyes claim to have at least double that number.  BUT they are renowned for lieing about all sorts of things - so their membership numbers are open to question.
Early September 2005.
Following evidence of Chaos Vipers groups encircling Mount Royal, and indeed attacking the RDA member Death and Glory, it was suggested to the Mount Royal authorities that they consider a ban on the alliance - after all why treat them any different from the 3 enemies already banned?  The authorities agreed and a ban was swiftly put in place.  Chaos Vipers along with Snake Eyes have reacted with a fury - claiming that RDA are hiding behind Mount Royal's walls - but nothing could be further from the truth as 28 of the 36 members are not in Mount Royal as we go to press.
Interestingly enough, the RDA is banned from Snake Eyes home city of Athabaska, and the Chaos Vipers are considering banning the RDA from Wymark - despite both alliances claiming (lieing again) that they are against bans.

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