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News Continued

Defenders of the Realm - 5
News Continued
The DOJO of Acclaim - RDA PC Kills
Alliances of Naralia
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Mini  Dragon Bites:-

Early September 2005.
RDA group Fire Dragons have been attacked in Wymark by the Chaos Vipers group Bloodbath. However the Vipers group came out the worse, losing two of their members, whilst the Fire Dragons only lost one.  Fire Dragons confirm their status as top RDA PC killers - now with 18 scalps to their quota.
28th August.
RDA group Lochlannocks were attacked by Snake Eyes party Dragon Knights (1706) in Mortavlon. No deaths either side.
28th August.
RDA group Death and Glory attacked by Chaos Vipers member Deathpawns (1705) - no deaths either side.
20th July 2005 - Law of the Land (1544) have also had the ban on their entry into Mount Royal lifted.
Red-Eyed Vixens are licking their wounds after entering the Chaos Vipers Snakepit in Whymark, where they passed on a skull to Ivan Rage of Ultimate Anarchy, and then attacked Betrayers of Hope - the Chaos Vipers leader one sector outside the city.  Sadly, unlike on previous battles against Betrayers of Hope, the Vixens came off the worse, with the mage Spring Waters and the halfblood fighter Mishka Clonowska both succumbing to the Fleyshurian fleas. However, the Vixens did manage to inflict one death, with a successful petrify cast against the Betrayers.
Latest news:-
RDA group -Eideche of Fanl attacked again in the Elkhart domain - this time by Betrayers of Hope - leaders of Chaos Vipers Alliance - one dead confirmed....
20th Ausgust 2005
RDA group Dogs Dinner beat  Cataclysm leader - Elegy(1826) in 1st leg of Naralia tournament 4-0, and held the field. They then won 2nd leg 5-1 and again held the field. Therefore Dogs Dinner progress to the Quarter Finals, which is the furthest any RDA has progessed to in the tournament.
Interestingly enough - the leader of Elegy and therefore leader of Cataclysm was "killed" in both legs of the round.  A pity not for real...heh ..heh...
2oth August 2005 - Reports confirmed now is that one of Snake Eyes Alliance - Lucky Streak (1318) foolishly attempted looking at the belongings of the RDA member Syphilis Bearers - and as a consequence a battle ensued with the Snake Eyes member losing one of its members. Sadly in other "scanning and stealing" - Syphilis Bearers had a plus 8 short sword and a +5 helmet stolen. This has now caused a war between the two alliances to escalate.

Famine and Drought hit Athabaska! RDA blamed in some circles.
20th August 2005
Reports have been coming in of Drought and Famine hitting the Snake Eyes Alliance home city of Athabaska (14). Sadly as the RDA had just declared war upon the Snake Eyes alliance only days before- it was immediately suggested that the RDA was behind such an awful event. We are known to have a Power Scroll of such a clamity within our Dragon Dojo - but on closer inspection this Power Scroll is still in its place and guarded by magicks.
The suffering in Athabaska seems to have mainly hit the low born and the slaves. As slavery is much despised by many in Naralia - sympathy from those cities and alliances away from Athabaska are few and hardly strongly vocal in their support for Athabaska.
Maybe Snake Eyes have already made a few too many enemies.
Snake Eyes cause problems for Cataclysm.
In a recent Thieves tournament taking place in the HQ City of the Cataclysm Alliance - the thief Lightfingerd Lenny of the Lennys Lads (1642) of the Snake Eyes Alliance, stole 100,000 gold from the HQ of Cataclysm.
It seems that wherever Snake Eyes go they cause trouble - first in Mount Royal by abusing our trust to go scanning and stealing from RDA groups in the city of Mount Royal. And now stealing 100k from the supposed Premier Thieves Alliance of Naralia. I think they have lost that particular crown!!
Early September 2005.
Bloodyhonour Alliance have attacked various members and independant groups in Wymark. The independant groups attacked in Wymark were mistakenly believed to be members of the Chaos Vipers Alliance.  Though they may not be members, the RDA believe these so called Independants" are likely to be using the  Chaos Vipers Alliance HQ for training purposes.
Bloodyhonour alliance also attacked 3 members of Apotheosis in Mount Royal, an alliance that they have been at war with for some time.
Dark Lady's Warriors(of Bloodyhnour) killed 2 of Slayers of Sundonak (Apotheosis).
Dark Lady's Warriors also killed 2 of Grunts Like Us (Apotheosis).
The Coven(Bloodyhonour) killed 2 of Gehanna's Slayers (Apotheosis), and one of Slayers of Sundonak, thought the Coven lost one member themselves in their attack on Slayers of Sundonak.