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Alliances of Naralia

Defenders of the Realm - 5
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Alliances of Naralia
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Lord of all Dragons - whose name we dare not utter

Though we hope that you may wish to join us in our fight, we do recognize that other alliances in Naralia are interested in your sword-arm, or your light-fingers or your brilliant mind. Maybe even they may just like the look of you, or maybe your backpack is the right shade of pink.  Whatever the reason - the other alliances are interested in you too.
BUT - you need go no further on this page - just join the RDA - by contacting

CHAOS VIPERS ALLIANCE - if being a little bit evil floats your boat - then this alliance may be the one for you - but be careful - we could well be breathing down your necks with hot dragonfire - as we are at war with this alliance.
APOTHEOSIS - Possibly the largest alliance in Naralia - but sometimes a lumbering giant is not the best way forward. Claims to be a neutral alliance - something several other alliances question strongly.
GRAND ILLUMINATED THUNDERBOLT SYNDICATE - A small but quite effective fighting alliance - at war with the Magical Alliance - Haus Tepes.
THE CONSORTIUM - if madness makes you happy - then let the world be mad!! Often Naralia is a little crazy, and with the crazy gang that make up The Consortium - you will always have a good laugh. A fun alliance - but one that has fingers in many money-making enterprises.
Visit them at their website

THE LIGHTBRINGERS -  this is a small alliance that worships Garthrana - the Goddess of Revenge. They fight for the force of "good" in Naralia - but largely keep themselves to themselves, rather than getting involved in wars.
THE DARK ONES - a small, but secretive alliance that is deeply involved in the arts of Magic. Collectors of Magical artifacts - they are seen as ruthlessly determined  in achieving their aims. Sometimes this has caused them trouble in the past.
ANARCHYS MANTLE - Once a very powerful alliance worshipping the evil God Fleyshur - credited with bringing down and destroying the once mega powerful force for good - the Holy Ghosts Alliance.  These days a much smaller grouping, but nonetheless still with some bite. If evil - you may be interested in this one.
CATACLYSM -An alliance of Thieves, and one with whom the RDA is at war, and had been for about 4 years now. Kidnappers, extortonists, petty thievery and potentially and worryingly - ambitions of joining the Assassins Guild. They are based in Larochelle a city that has banned the RDA after our invasion of the city some 4 years ago.

BLOODY HONOUR ALLIANCE - at present the premier fighting alliance in Naralia -they rose to their ascendancy after the fall of the Holy Ghosts Alliance. Claims to be upholders of the balance - a view questioned repeatedly, particularly by the Apotheosis Alliance with whom they are at war.  Some now question Bloody Honour saying that the "Balance" has shifted too much in their favour, and that Bloodyhonour now rule Naralia with an iron, unfair hand.  However, the RDA are firm allies of Bloodyhonour, and indeed Bloodyhonour were the only ally of ours to come to our aid at a time of great need - the time when Anarchys Mantle visited slaughter upon the streets of Mount Royal.
CRUX ANSATA - a small but vocal alliance that is allied to the RDA. This alliance advocates the teachings of the peaceful God - Baldor. But willing to use force when necessary to back up their arguments.
SNAKE EYES - An alliance of refugees from the Twilight Isles (Game 32) - but already establishing their presence in Naralia. Has got a loud vocal contingent of Fleyshurians in its ranks such as Prioress Ligeera. Snake Eyes  need to reign in the Fleyshurians else trouble will come knocking at their door, and not only from outside the Snake Eyes, but from within. As from Aug 2005 RDA is now at war with this alliance for theft from and scanning of RDA groups
UNION OF SHADOWS - The other refugees from Twilight Isles - now established in Linden Glade - not much known about them as yet - but do have some strong fighting parties in their ranks. Not afraid to take on others if needs arise.  A potential counter-balance to Bloodyhonour?
SCROLLS ALLIANCE - based in the south - another ally of the RDA - this alliance follows the teachings of Molwanh - great information gatherers of great import to the future well being of Naralia. Respected and admired for their tenacity in taking on various difficult quests, and full of ideas to overcome the Phantasm and Phantoms problems that persist to this day in Naralia.
HAUS TEPES ALLIANCE - based in the magical city of Torsalyer - perhaps the strongest militarily minded Magic supporting alliance -proven when they invaded and attacked the GITS Alliance in Mortavlon.  Our leader, subsequently held discussions with Elizabeth de Sade - the leader of Haus Tepes, and the RDA was spared a further invasion of Mount Royal.  The RDA and Haus Tepes allied to each other, but subsequent disagreements ha snow led to that relationship being soured, and RDA has reduced its alliance status towards Haus Tepes to one of neutrality rather than alliance. RDA and Haus Tepes oft seen as a "marriage" of convenience rather than a meeting of like-minded characters.
WEB - site
MOR GWYLLT ALLIANCE - an offshoot from the GITS alliance and based in Mor Sallatane (19). Oft derided, but the RDA recognize this is likely to be a mistake that some take.  Sometimes mouthy (just like us!!) - an alliance with some powerful friends. Recently been assigned as an ally to the RDA.

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