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Defenders of the Realm - 5
News Continued
The DOJO of Acclaim - RDA PC Kills
Alliances of Naralia
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The Premier Site for Dragon Worshippers.

Come enter the Land of Naralia, and help protect the legendary Dragons. Come join the Royal Dragons Alliance and defend us and our Dragon brethren friends.

Dragons Flying High Above Mount Royal.


The RDA is at war with four of the many alliances in Naralia - the Cataclysm thieving alliance, and the three Fleyshurian alliances - Chaos Vipers, Anarchys Mantle and Snake Eyes Alliance.  Join us in our crusade to enrich the lives of the citizenry of this land and protect us from this Quartet of Evil.
Our own lives are not easy, our lives may be short, but the life of a Dragon is special - for a Dragon lives on for Millenia. A Dragon has great Power and Strength and some - like a Titanic Dragon are Remarkable and Distinguished.